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Meet The Artist

“The downward curve and flick of the leaf, the deep crevice of the centre of the blossom, the gentle, linear reach of the leaf stalk. 

My love for painting flowers goes so much deeper than the obvious and popular aesthetic of illustrated blooms for wall display. 

The connection forged between artist and subject when choosing the perfect colour and shape for capturing the tiniest parts of a beautiful plant, is one which I feel so deeply.” – Libby



I’m an artist and illustrator who lives on a farm in South Africa. Directly opposing the work created in my 4-year Fine Art degree, I have vowed to paint only the most beautiful and worthy things I can think of – and these are mostly flowers. Although I do love leaves the most.

I work in watercolour on thick, rich, 100% cotton paper with perfect brushes. I’m a perfectionist and a creative but I do love admin and business too.

I draw my inspiration from almost everything beautiful I see around me but classical botanical paintings, exquisite homes and their interiors, glorious, old gardens, decorated antique vases, the miniscule detail of orchids and the hundreds of perfect feathers that make up a bird are sources of consistent, unwavering awe and artistic motivation.

I’ve also illustrated a summary of my personal and business life in my new logo. You can read about these elements below:

The Golden Shield: My love for history, antiques and a little symbol of my British heritage, so often embodied in a shield within a crest.

The Crown: No crest is complete without a beautiful crown!

Elm tree: The tree is the central part of the Wood family crest, my marital surname. I also harbour a passion for all things dendrological, so much so that my Honours thesis for my Fine Art Degree was entitled “Dendrologica Romantica: The tree as a Romantic motif in South African art: Modernism, Postmodernism and beyond”. The Elm tree in particular holds a special symbolism as my Dad’s furniture business is called Elmswood as was his father’s business before him.

Deer/Young Stag: The Stag is the symbol for the Scottish Clan of Brodie, the name of my oldest twin son. Star with three
arrows: The Star with three arrows is the symbol for the Scottish Clan of Callum, the name of my younger twin son.

Gladiolus Blossoms: The gladioli represent my love for botanical art. Wooden Cross: A symbol of my deep faith in God.

Antique Golden Bell: My maiden surname is Bell (kept on as my artists name). Signum Pacis Amor: The Bell family motto “Love is the token of peace”.

Bailey and Peppa: Our two beautiful twin Belgian Shepherd dogs.

The artist’s hand holding a brush: As I do, many many hours everyday!

The design is surrounded by beautiful florals; wild purple Bellflowers and jasmine blossoms.

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