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The 2021 Birthstone Collection

The 2021 Birthstone Collection

As I write this, I have completed the painting of only seven of the birthstones for next year’s mini calendars. I fact, I should probably be painting now and not writing, but here we are.

When I sat down in December 2019 to plan (as best I possibly could – ah to be young and blissfully ignorant again) a monthly list of goals, important dates and exciting projects that I believed I could complete in 2020, I did not anticipate, like pretty much every other human, that Covid-19 would would swoop in and wipe the world’s calendar clean for AT LEAST two whole months. That being said, working from home, I have mostly been able to stick to these deadlines.

One of these goals was to remain prolific and constant in producing painted work. Last year, (terrible pregnancy and then newborn twins aside) I found that when I was overwhelmed with admin, I both couldn’t and didn’t paint. And let’s be honest, when does admin ever really go away? Thus, I designed a mini program that would ensure that I had monthly deadlines to reach and that would also result in me producing a body of work that I would then use to produce my 2021 calendars. 

I investigated painting the flowers associated with each month but as I paint mostly botanicals for commissions and private work, I wanted to tackle something that would challenge me and the techniques I have so far taught myself whilst learning to paint botanicals in watercolour. I decided that the sparkly and bright gemstones associated with each month of the year would provide both a challenge and the perfect content for 2021’s mini calendars.

 Combining my passion for antiques and beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery, I decided on birthstones set in antique or vintage settings that I would paint as realistically as possible. I’ve also been sure to film a time-lapse of each painting as I’m constantly told how much these little sped-up videos are enjoyed by all who view them. So far, my favourite painting has to be the exquisite honey-coloured Citrine stone set into a magnificent gold turtle setting. Which is yours?

I hope you’re enjoying following on with me as I paint these beauties – I’d better get back to finishing them, hadn’t it? Otherwise there might be a few months missing from next year too and I’m almost certain NO-ONE wants that again.

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