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Making sure you have a Great day every day with the Good Gut Guru

Making sure you have a Great day every day with the Good Gut Guru

By far the best part of painting beautiful fruit and veg, completing the design for an exciting new stationery product, and collaborating with a powerhouse of the South African foodie and fitness insta-sphere was the friendship that Meg (@the_good_gut_guru) and I have struck up whilst creating this from-the-heart product for you! What a joy when work can bring two people together and let them realise that they have so much in common and a friendship can blossom from it.

With regards to our beautiful and carefully constructed Daily Planner, we wanted to create something both functional and very beautiful to adorn your desk and bring you joy and while being a tool and companion for your holistic health journey. 

As the artist and visual designer (Meg with her extensive health and fitness qualifications contributed all the sections and their text), I was thrilled to finally be painting some of the things I’d wanted to illustrate for a while but hadn’t had the perfect project for them. 

I painted exquisitely-layered green artichokes, succulent blueberries still on their stalk, delicious reddish-brown almonds, glorious garlic cloves and their white bulb and of course, a frothy cappuccino! 

If you’ve already got your Daily Planner, I hope it colours your desk and your world by allowing you to bring some order into the chaos that is life at the moment. But I also hope that it doesn’t make you too hungry…? Because every time I look at mine I want a blueberry muffin.

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