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History, heritage and love: A new logo for my new website

History, heritage and love: A new logo for my new website

Surely, surely designing your own logo for your own art and design business has got to be THE MOST challenging task encountered by a creative?! The love for different styles of logos, different colour schemes, an innumerable number of different font choices and the million different aspects of your wildly chaotic creative mind that need to be represented in this one image/symbol are just a few of the things that need to be decided upon before painting (in my case) even begins. 

I do love a crest logo and coming from a colourful heritage of British, Scottish, New Zealand, Australian and of course South African descent, this also seemed the only way to sneak in all the little symbols of the elements of my life and business that I wished to paint for my new logo. No minimalism here I’m afraid! 
After many, many hours of painting, designing and many initial designs sent back and forth to family and friends (this can either be an uplifting and constructive activity or, a demoralising and humiliating one when words are not minced and the family WhatsApp chat starts an ongoing joke about one of the elements of your design. I am joking though – they were mostly extremely helpful and encouraging).
I have however, finally completed my new logo (no doubt it’ll change again soon!) and I do love the final outcome. I’ve put together a little guide to talk about all the elements in my beautiful new pictorial representation of Libby Bell Art.

The Golden Shield: My love for history, antiques and a little symbol of my British heritage, so often embodied in a shield within a crest.
The Crown: No crest is complete without a beautiful crown!

Elm tree: The tree is the central part of the Wood family crest, my marital surname. I also harbour a passion for all things dendrological, so much so that my Honours thesis for my Fine Art Degree was entitled “Dendrologica Romantica: The tree as a Romantic motif in South African art: Modernism, Postmodernism and beyond”. The Elm tree in particular holds a special symbolism as my Dad’s furniture business is called Elmswood as was his father’s business before him.

Deer/Young Stag: The Stag is the symbol for the Scottish Clan of Brodie, the name of my oldest twin son.

Star with three arrows: The Star with three arrows is the symbol for the Scottish Clan of Callum, the name of my younger twin son.

Gladiolus Blossoms: The gladioli represent my love for botanical art.

Wooden Cross: A symbol of my deep faith in God.

Antique Golden Bell: My maiden surname is Bell (kept on as my artists name).

Signum Pacis Amor: The Bell family motto “Love is the token of peace”.

Bailey and Peppa: Our two beautiful twin Belgian Shepherd dogs.

The artist’s hand holding a brush: As I do, many many hours everyday!

The design is surrounded by beautiful florals; wild purple Bellflowers and jasmine blossoms.

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